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We offer high quality steam ironing services for the perfect wrinkle-free look. Our professionals are well trained to adjust the temperature and steam for different fabrics and different types of clothes. After pressing, we offer both folding and hanger option for delivery.

Steam ironing

Dry cleaning

We are one of the best dry cleaners in Hyderabad as we use Hi-tech machines and high quality mild chemicals for dry cleaning laundry such as bed covers, blankets, soft toys, comforters and curtains

We offer shoe cleaning services for Canvas, sports and Suede shoes. We remove all stains on the shoes and deep clean the insole and lace too.

Shoe laundry

We offer deep cleaning services to make your laundry extra clean by using professional cleaning techniques .

Deep cleaning

hanged assorted-color dress shirts
hanged assorted-color dress shirts

Happy Customers

I love how The Green Laundry takes care of my clothes and the environment at the same time. Highly recommended!
The Green Laundry's eco-friendly practices and high-quality service make it my go-to for all my laundry needs.

Satisfied Clients

white textile in blue plastic container
white textile in blue plastic container